Yak & Yeti or Rainforest Cafe

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  1. OrlandoBob

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    Hi everyone

    For our trip over Christmas I want to book a couple of ADRs. We don't have the dining plan so will be paying OOP so I am carefully choosing as will only be able to afford a few onsite meals. I am travelling with 2 kids 14 and 11.

    For our day in Animal Kingdom I want to book an ADR as know the QS places can get really busy at that time of year. I am considering either Yak & Yeti or Rainforest Café.

    I had thought of breakfast at Tusker House but am now thinking a non-character meal might be better

    Which would you recommend and why?
  2. slinky

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    Although the Yak & Yeti food isn't "out there" as being spicy etc it is definitely a different style of food. So the Yak & Yeti has more of an "Asian" style whereas the Rainforest Cafe is more your classic burger and ribs affair. The atmosphere in the Rainforest Cafe is more of a draw than the food but to be honest I prefer Yak & Yeti.

    That said, I see you mention the Tusker House. Is it particularly the characters you don't fancy?

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