Fastpass with Magic Bands

Discussion in 'Orlando Theme Parks & Attractions' started by OrlandoBob, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. OrlandoBob

    OrlandoBob New Member

    Can anyone tell me if each person in a party has to zap their magic band when the fastpasses have been booked/linked together? Also does everyone need to be at the kiosk to book another later? This would make queues really long!
  2. slinky

    slinky Administrator Staff Member

    Absolutely, you may all be linked to together on MDE but each person needs to scan on their way through. If you didn't it would be chaos as parties could split up and cause all sorts of confusion.

    If everyone is linked on the one MDE account you can make fastpasses for everyone at the same time, so no you don't need the whole party there. BTW extra fastpasses can only be booked at the kiosks, you can't do that on the MDE app on your phone/tablet.

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