Chef Mickey's or 1900 Park Fare

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  1. MrPibb

    MrPibb New Member

    We have a dinner reservation for both, but will cancel one. So please help me with the decision...

    We will do Garden Grill as well and we have two boys (5 and 8year old). Both not really obsessed with princesses.
  2. slinky

    slinky Administrator Staff Member

    Gotcha on the little boys not loving the princesses but personally I'd do 1900 Park Fare. Chef Mickey's was mad busy the last time I was there and as you're doing the Garden Grill then Mickey is usually there, along with Pluto and obviously Chip n Dale.

    When we visited 1900 Park Fare the characters were Mary Poppins, The Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. The Mad Hatter was absolutely hilarious and Alice was also a little bonkers. My daughter asked Mary Poppins how you become positively perfect in every way, which she answered and stayed in character perfectly!

    It was a good opportunity to have a nosey around the Grand Floridian too. So 1900 Park Fare gets my vote.

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